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Therapy Services

CBT with Shena BABCP, RCN

Shena is a qualified CBT Therapist with 10 years professional experience, working in the NHS and privately for people of all ages and backgrounds.

She will walk you through your journey, understanding the cognitive development through a collaborative approach.


Since founding Breakthrough CBT in 2014, Shena has since worked with various clients to work through various mental health problems to help them lead more positive and fulfilling lives. From providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to tackle mental health problems including depression and anxiety- through to Swedish Massage and Acupressure to remedy the more physical issues associated with mental health; Shena is fully accredited by British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies and has helped clients across the south of England and further to work on their negative thoughts and transform their lives.


Initial Assessment


Per Session

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Swedish Massage

 Swedish Massage and Therapy specifically is a popular choice for stress relief, as it is designed to soothe muscles and improve circulation to help you feel more relaxed.

Per session (50 minutes) - £50

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 Acupressure Massage

Acupressure Therapy, a traditional Chinese massage that applies pressure to ‘Qi Meridians’ (pressure points) throughout your body to relieve muscle tension and release endorphins.

Per session (50 minutes) - £50

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