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Sue, Wallingford

“Throughout, there is an ethos of valuing, respect and acknowledgement. At no point is the approach judgemental or directing: instead, acceptance and understanding are drawn out from the client. Reality is recognised and a way forward, and a way of being, are created. Shena is empathetic, highly skilled and warm. All aspects of the experience are entirely positive.”

Gulnaz, Clinical Lead Nurse, NHS

“Shena is a very knowledgeable nurse/therapist. Her enthusiastic demeanour around clients has always inspired confidence in her ability to get the job done. I would recommend her to friends and clients alike.”

Tom, Wallingford

“Shena made me feel comfortable from the off and very quickly I found it easy to open up to her. She was a great help and tailored the sessions to suit me specifically. Through Shena’s help I now have a better understanding of myself and have the confidence and skills to deal with whatever life throws at me.”

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